“To your seat, you brat, you heard her!” Fuji whacked the redhead on his behind causing him to yelp, and a few of their classmates to snort. Prince of Tennis dj - Untitled . Tezuka thought if he were standing, he’d definitely need to sit, because his knees melted at the innocence dripping from the brunet. They sat in silence for a moment before Fuji sighed for the nth time and stood up. He wouldn’t call himself an expert but he prided himself for his sharp senses that allowed him to read invisible signs that told him what he needed to know. Tezuka’s mind felt like a coaster ride; so many thoughts running in his head and so many more questions. :-), As I said before ,your story is different from the one I was describing but I found it and here:https://m.fanfiction.net/s/3185826/1/. The redhead blinked, taken aback slightly, before he gave a wry smile and looked away, “Fuji is a tough guy, indeed.” The smile turned fond all of a sudden, “But all I see is a child. A minute of relative silence filled the space between them before it was broken by Fuji’s amused giggles. Did he really understand what Tezuka was thinking?.. One of them tried to grab his jacket but Tezuka quickly slapped his hand away and glared at him. He couldn’t help but want to stop Kikumaru; it looked like Fuji had had enough lecturing for the day already. Something stopped him.. Four guys were stopping Fuji from continuing his way and were talking about something Tezuka was too far away to hear. Eventually, he saw behind the act and watched Fuji torture himself before messing with others. In no more than a minute, Kikumaru was lunging at him. With Erik Davies, Jun'ichi Suwabe. His blue eyes opened and stared at Tezuka for a good minute before the former blinked and rubbed at his eyes with the heel of his hand. (He had sharp senses and could read situations, remember?). Il est un étudiant de troisième année à Hyotei Gakuen et d'un membre du club de tennis, où il joue habituellement avec des doubles Mukahi Gakuto. Stoic, strict, cold, smart, unfazed, stupid, stick in the mud Tezuka Kunimitsu. Fuji’s reddened eyes spoke loud enough of how much stress he’d relieved all at once. The brunet snickered and patted Eiji on the back, watching a matching grin grow on the other’s lips. He looked up with a blank expression at the other for a minute, remaining silent, before he sighed and went to sit behind Tezuka directly, the owner of the seat having gone outside the room. Fuji stopped in his tracks and gave her a confused look before he brought his fingers in front of his lips in recognition, “Ah, damn. Fuji twirls the ball and cuts it with the racket. For the remaining fifteen minutes they had before the school gates closed, Tezuka sat beside Fuji and hid his face from the world with his chest, stroking his back, as the frailer teen got the overwhelming feelings off his chest. Fuji even tugged his arms free without them stopping him. “I know it’s not my place to say, but he did seem very distracted all day.” And when he felt the mood losing the little positive flow he managed to get it to, he threw in, “He forgot to curse me.. You took them all down in less than a minute!” he skipped a step and rushed, walking backwards to face Tezuka, “Where did you learn to do that? He had decided to skip class without telling Eiji. Tezuka locked gazes with Fuji for a while before both of them turned away at once, a little red in the face. Thank you for considering me such a best friend for nothing.”. Waiting, with mischievous thoughts,You keep me wondering :-)Well hope to see an update soon :-), Here's what. Something stopped him.. Kikumaru would basically let Fuji away with anything he did, and Fuji knew he would, and often pouted and whined at the redhead to have his way. He stopped thinking rationally and strode towards them. Everyone thought he was a heartbreaker who only wanted to focus on school, spread a rumor or two of how he harshly rejected Kanae-san, or the time he coldly brushed past Riko-chan when she confessed and made her cry, or any other scenario, really. “You should have told me you’re gonna skip.” He pouted at his friend. Please update! I’m just doing what’s best for him.” He puffed his chest like he was proud of what he’s doing. As Fuji is the resident tensai and second strongest from Seigaku, the same can be said about Yushi for Hyotei. However, there are a few episodes in which he wears casual clothes. ON HIATUS! Did they hurt you?” to his ultimate surprise, Fuji was grinning widely before he started laughing joyfully. You have my word.Enjoy.Please leave a word after you're done reading to let me know your view! But one thing I guess you have to know, if Fuji doesn’t tell me he’s skipping then he needs his alone time.” Kikumaru started in a low voice, “Despite what you might think, Fuji’s mind and life are more complicated than you would believe.”, Tezuka hummed noncommittally, “Does he tell you what’s on his mind?”, “Sometimes, yeah. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing from one part to another! Tezuka frowned minutely in surprise before he shook it away (mentally) and walked casually to where the brunet was sitting. His oceanic eyes then slid close as a tired smile lifted his lips, “I see.” He said simply. That tells you how important you are to him, bro.”. What was it about Fuji that got the biggest power on school ground shielding him? He only opens his eyes once he gets either excited or provoked. If you find that story can you please link it to me?I'm not sure what part of my story could be similar to that, but I promise it will be no less thrilling! 1: Tezuka heard a new nickname-slash-description just this morning, but what was it.....Oh, yeah. He made it his mission to gaze at him whenever he could, like it was normal to look. I really wanted to post it before going to sleep. He tries to hit Ryuzaki but Kawamura stops the ball and hits it to the other side of the court. The older man bowed his head at them and spoke up, “Komori-san told me about this. “Don’t sweat it.” he said, “You’ve been tricked.”, Tezuka eyed him suspiciously, “How do you know?”, Fuji cursed silently. Doubles 2 begins with Kawamura serving a Burning Serve but his shot is returned by Hirakoba who gets a sign to hit Ryuzaki. Or else was it only Fuji’s rules? “I don’t care.” The redhead mumbled and knocked loudly before sliding open the door right after, not waiting for a confirmation that he could enter. With love.’ There. He smiled lopsidedly and made his way towards him. Fuji wiped the corners of his eyes and actually opened them, giving the taller teen a soft look, “You’re unexpectedly adorable.”. “I let my guard down.” He muttered, then looked at Fuji and asked him, “Aren’t you going to eat?”. Tezuka hid his small smile behind his casually clasped hands as he turned to watch Fuji settle in his seat while the class recovered. :-)Oh I have question you were in ff.net with the same name? They were both seemingly into their game very much that they didn’t notice him until later on, and when they did, the redhead stood before Fuji and gave Tezuka a funny look that he thought was supposed to be cruel and menacing. Carefully, and hiding behind his glasses, he searched between his classmates, looking for one who might have been anticipating the moment he found the slip of paper to see his reaction. He's short (being one of the shortest members of Seigaku) and slender. He looked back at the last pages of his notebook and read over what he had written. A spark of.. something.. filled Tezuka’s mind as he erased the remaining space between them and pressed his lips softly over Fuji’s, feeling their softness. Apparently, Fuji’s own hand was covering it. True to Tezuka’s thoughts, the older man was sitting by Fuji’s bedside, rubbing his hand, quietly talking to him. Something stopped him.. Kikumaru was so confused. You need to take care of yourself..” And he looked like he was holding back a sigh. A soft sound left the brunet’s lips before he jolted upright, like he’d been sleeping. Tezuka normally enjoyed doing researches, but not now.. it was taking his mind off better things to think about. I'm so happy you like it!I don't like it when one character is smitten with the other immediately (some cases are an exception but not in general) so I tried to make Tezuka think about the things that made Fuji stand out enough to catch his attention. When he finally decided to just go with it and was about to hurry his footsteps towards Fuji, he halted instead. Give it a while and you’ll get used to me.”). At times, watching Kikumaru and Fuji interact made him think of a messed up relationship between siblings. Un bon travail . He wouldn’t admit Fuji freaked him out, never. !”, Tezuka’s lips twitched into a smile that he couldn’t fight; Fuji’s childish excitement was endearingly contagious. (A.K.A. Duh. “Where’s Fuji?”, Kikumaru quickly regained composure and sneered at him, “He didn’t tell you, did he. “You’re not sure?” the brunet said tightly, on the verge of falling victim for another laughing fit, “Who?” he then asked after clearing his throat. That was definitely not Fuji. ----------AU: Fuji is the resident Bad Boy of Seigaku and Tezuka is intrigued. Determined not to lose, they all end up finishing at the same time. And who can resist that? Happy you answer :-);-) If I find that story of course I link it .I really like the way your story is going on. It was annoying, like that itch that you needed to scratch off but you couldn’t reach it. Or was it that only he was tense? High school was no place for innocent people, even he knew that. Okay, this called for a stop. The lob then precisely lands on the baseline or backcourt with a short bounce. For you who left kudos, thank you, I love you! They wouldn’t be able to get to their feet for a while, but he needed to get Fuji out of there anyway. Merci beaucoup pour l'adaptation. Fuji shifted until he was on his back, “No. “Why?” he’d asked him. During training, the regulars end up running laps. And absolutely not because Fuji really liked him. Even imagining him as a businessman seemed to work. 1. And everyone pretty much knew that. His thoughts kept shifting; Fuji got his part of Tezuka’s thinking time, but now a history research was sharing that time, unfortunately. Fuji was giving him a strange look. “What a nuisance..” he mumbled with a wry smile, wondering why the hell his mind decided to have an aristocratic moment. He bit back a sigh and thought of what he should bring up today for lunch with Fuji instead. During training, the regulars end up running laps. c) An angel that got the soul of a devil by mistake. ): The semi final tournament is right around the corner, and the guys are busy training. (Yknow the eiji who just wants a brawl and a yakuza underling—-> thAt eiji), Also yes i would give anything to hear fuji say “ KONO GAKI” and eiji say “KONO NYAROU!”, Yes pls more gangster speaking delinquent kikufujis, Last Edited Thu 24 The blue orbs shifted between Tezuka’s lips and up to his own brown ones, a stray tear forming on the edge of his eyelid that Tezuka wiped with his thumb. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He still didn’t know why he did it, but he grabbed an apple on his way. Making up his mind, he carefully helped Fuji to his knees and draped his arms over his shoulders, reaching back to hold the backs of his knees and heaving him up. He looked up when the laughing stopped. Kinda impressive. “I can’t eat two,” he reasoned, “It’d be a waste to throw it.”. Nooo, because Fuji was a bitchy bastard, Kikumaru thought fondly. Another new thing Tezuka learned. Higuma Otoshi - One of the Triple Counters. A part of him didn’t want to, but the bespectacled teen pulled away, breaking their contact slowly. ‘From another class?’ he thought and shrugged mentally. Wow. “You, umm..” he trailed off, pausing for effect. !” Kikumaru was getting more pissed off each second. He turned his head to watch Fuji’s hair sway with their steps only to frown momentarily when he found him staring back at him with his signature smile. And not even from the same chapter! How could he have noticed him looking? I don't understand a lot of French but thank you for the comment! Donate today and show your support for the Archive! But Fuji didn’t look like he was in the mood for mind games.. he chose to go for honest and serious. And even if I hate to say it, you seem to understand what Fuji needs and you give it to him without noticing.”, “Yeah, see? He waited, and felt his heart beat lighter when Fuji finally met his eyes with a clear, albeit tired, smile, and his blue eyes open and soft-lidded. And the fucking bastard Tezuka Kunimitsu never seemed to feel it. Fuji puffed his cheeks and sighed, “I still have to put a lot of work on you..”. The redhead only looked up at him from the corner of his eye before he sighed and got up himself, throwing his bag over his shoulder carelessly then moving to Fuji’s desk to collect his things. His face, however, didn’t change in the least –for that he was thankful- so he waited silently until his heart stopped pounding erratically. “You’re welcome.” Meanwhile, his specs glinted in pride as he mentally patted himself on the back. And if this has not a part in your story can you manage something like this ? tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). There is a lot to this world than we seem to believe.” He looked back again at him and saw the faraway look in his eyes. I'm not sure when the next update will be, but I'm pushing myself so hopefully no long wait. He didn’t mind it actually, if he were to speak honestly. Sorry I didn't reply earlier to you!I'm glad it made you laugh. Read ahead for Eiji's take on Fuji, school, and Tezuka! But with his tenacious strategy known as "Higuma Otoshi" (Bear Hunt), Shusuke's got a few tricks of his own.... GENRE. Not that Fuji wasn’t beautiful and a sight to behold, but you get it. “Wait a minute, Fuji-kun.” The first one spoke with a smirk, “How about we solve this like gentlemen instead? 11:29AM EDT, Yesssssss. At least Fuji was a neat delinquent.. in a unique way. Come around and let's talk about it from a man to a man?”. Tezuka huffed a laugh and intertwined their fingers together, looking back forward again as they resumed their slow stroll. “You ask why?” Kikumaru started, heading for the brunet’s bed and leaning down to harshly pinch his cheeks, making Fuji wince and try to bat his hands away. I have something I want to tell you <3’. He could feel quite clearly how the latter parted his lips and allowed him access. His hand was tempted to comb through the silky honey strands but he abstained. List of The New Prince of Tennis Chapters. Got a sudden boost of creativity and got it going which results in me having really itchy eyes x.xhope you enjoy! This just confirmed to Tezuka how much Kikumaru understood Fuji, more than he gave him credit for. In America, it aired on the 2nd of July. Fuji’s lips twitched into a sweet smile, “Next time I’ll break your spine.” He said in a pleasant tone. You really made my day!I've always thought that Fuji and Eiji's friendship was interesting and I'm glad you find the way I view it good. Tezuka was taken aback. it made everything even more amusing. “Fuji..” the older teen called, worry ebbing away at his tone, “Fuji, what’s wrong?” he supported the other’s shoulders and tried to help him straighten up but Fuji was shivering and breaking out in cold sweat at the mere touch. As if he needed a distraction in the form of a naughty teen. He would make such an amazing teacher (as long as he used polite and proper language), or an outstanding doctor. The bespectacled teen sighed silently and stepped out on the roof, eagerly searching for Fuji’s smiling face with his eyes. 2012 The Prince of Tennis, Vol. Tezuka almost felt bad for the redhead. I was waiting for your comment! I like seeing tezukas wild imagination here. “Your pretty claws don’t scare me, angel.”. Eiji! Hahaha it was hilarious, this story. (2002) Plot. kaidoh, takashi, inuisadaharu. It was obviously not okay. Except when he did a second scan, there was someone lying on the floor far off to the side, male; judging from the uniform. 4,246 Pages. Prince Of Tennis Ep40 Echizen Ryoma Vs Fuji Shusuke Entrainement contre Smash Higuma Otoshi Its thrilling in a middle school kind of way. Normally Fuji would look over and greet him from his place. He could tell, sometimes -when he was watching close enough-, by the small wrinkles on the outer corners of his eyes; if they appeared then he’d better focus on the smile before it’s gone. Tezuka was not the least convinced, but he let it slide and gave Fuji the packet of pastry. The bespectacled teen walked closer, dropped his bag down next to the other one, and sat down on the chair the principal had occupied just before, his right arm resting on the edge of the bed. No name or signature.. “If he doesn’t finish the science project he started with Inui he won’t get his grade. I took Tennis up by watching Prince of Tennis. “You smart-ass!” Eiji groaned, exasperated. Intrigued, he took it out to read. He couldn’t deny that he was a little bit upset, maybe annoyed, and definitely on his way to being bored even though it had only been a couple of minutes. During training, the regulars end up running laps. Follow/Fav Higuma Otoshi. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. What a joke. So happy you're enjoying it! A new twist of TezuFuji XD their meeting and getting to know each other is so cute. If Kikumaru ran that way, though, did that mean Fuji was left to walk home alone? Characters. It seemed like it took hours to reach the infirmary again and see Fuji with normal breathing speed and heart rate, but one look at the clock told him it had been only ten minutes. Tezuka would later on come up with lunch. I also like the serious tone in this chapter. Fuji was there –as always- waiting for him, which was confirmed when Fuji gave this huge childlike smile when Tezuka appeared at the door. By: WhiteEnsigma. Why?” Fuji chirped dryly in response after clearing his throat, not that it worked. Two shots feat. He tried to make sense of what was going on through the brunet’s mind, but couldn’t conclude anything, so he turned back to the question asked. as well as :-) well I like Eji's insights and Tezuka and Eji surely understand each other somehow to walking on each other's nerves. Why did the redhead go with Fuji’s whims? “Hold on. Seems like Fuji taught him well on this one. ”. I'm hoping to see this to the end so I'm trying my best to keep coming up with stuff. !” he got out breathlessly before the pressure was suddenly released and his lungs filled back with oxygen. The door to the rooftop squeaked open and close and he resisted the urge to turn and huff at Fuji, choosing to keep himself occupied with ‘watching’. Tezuka hid his starting smile, ”Apple cheeks.” He muttered under his breath. Nooo, he’d be damned to hell and back before he said that, whodoyouthinkwearetalkingaboutit’sFujiyo. Later, Ryoma and Fuji face off in a practice match, where the two decide to go all out. Get up!” he batted his hands uselessly against the slightly-bigger-way-heavier boy in an attempt to clear back his air tunnels. Fuji inspected the paper and felt his eyebrow twitch. J'attends le prochain chapitre avec attention. “I-I.. I’m going outside for a bit!” he declared and was up and at the door before the teacher could give him permission or call him back to his place. He winced internally when he thought he heard it crack. As seen when, In the first round of the National Tournament, the Shukuchihō technique of. “I need some dark chocolate!” he slammed his hand on the counter and soon got the ‘medicine’ in his hand and rushed back to Tezuka’s side, jerking his head in an indication for him to start moving back. Because in no time, dumb Fuji noticed the idiot and started looking his way. Tezuka’s glasses glinted, “Make me.” He challenged. “What are you going to do about Kikumaru?” the taller teen asked cautiously. “What?” he asked with a hint of exasperation. There are more things to come so stay tuned ;P, Fuji and eiji have a wonderful dynamic here. The bespectacled teen looked at the serious expression on the other’s face and believed what he was hearing. A heavy silence fell in the corners of the room. Kikumaru waited and waited for the ‘star-student’ to get bored and leave them alone, but no. He looked over his shoulder at him and asked in a gentler tone, “Are you okay? He only had one thing in mind and upped his pace. His thought, his questions, his doubts.. all of it vanished into nothing as he leaned forward slowly, his own eyes going half closed as he got up and leaned over Fuji’s bed. Inter-team practices are held before the Metropolitan Matches, and Ryoma and Fuji face off, each bringing out his most formidable moves to topple. Better yet to question, how did he spend lunch break before Fuji? Fuji had fallen silent after that and something in his ocean-calm expression broke. I like fics were tezuka gets so mesmerized by fuji's nature w/o really trying. Just like now, for example. “What’s up with him?” he asked, not really needing to explain who he was talking about. “Fujiko, you bastard!” Kikumaru yelled from his spot on the ground, only to receive a kick to the leg. Which one is for me, Tezuka?” and just like that his voice was back to being sweet and light and Tezuka could really kiss it out of his throat at a given moment. I completely forgot.” He turned back to Eiji, “Mind your language, you little shit!”. Background. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Well I'm waiting for update impatiently . You see, Kikumaru already accepted that he’d be the 16 years old boy with catlike attitude and a childish voice. “What the-“ he could hear the confusion in the other’s tone and it made him want to smile but he kept it in. This much he knew about the delinquent. “You’re On Your Own, of course.” the brunet stated it like it was the most obvious fact and that Tezuka was dumb not to know it. Where were you?” she questioned firmly. “It’s you.” He said slowly, bored. *cue fireworks*, Last Edited Thu 24 If they couldn’t meet up with him since the first note, how do they expect him to take them seriously? Was he not coming here today? Their teacher gave in and collapsed to her desk trying in vain to stop laughing. His face looked more tired than normal.. “Are you okay, Fuji?” he asked, concerned. He regarded Tezuka with a confused stare when a sandwich was deposited on his lap. He straightened his back and took a breath to compose himself to normal. FUJI IS SO FRAGIL.he can hurt easily, You know from your story I feel fuji want to be himself again because he lives as someone else so long and he think tezuka can be someone who he can trust and build himself .I like it so much please update soon.Well. Kikumaru wasn’t a full-fledged delinquent yet so he had difficulties in getting away from chemistry work and a dedicated maniac. “Did you eat?” He decided to start on a neutral note, softly, trying to catch Fuji’s gaze. He saw the redhead extending a hand to pinch Fuji’s cheek before the brunet managed to slap it away with a pout. “You were staaaaaaring.. then you froze.” He said with a teasing lilt, satisfaction lacing his voice when he next spoke. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? After the door slammed shut behind him, Tezuka sighed and stared at the window, trying to make out what would the best thing he could do now be. Tezuka’s eyebrows furrowed at that, but he abruptly turned his head back when Fuji stuck his tongue out at him childishly. “Why?” he decided to ask when they were changing their shoes. “I must be your son, then.” The redhead said thoughtfully. “Can we please mind our language? Tezuka turned fully to face the other and crossed his arms across his chest, “He didn’t tell you either, Mr. important.” He didn’t need to ask, it was so obvious he was correct. Hirakoba, and I actually wrote most of this just now in the sequel,! One on the back, watching a matching grin grow on the spot the boy ’ s cornered..... Of all that he just liked having a friend in one Fuji has. Tennis ep 108: Funny scene- Higuma Otoshi his shoulders, his glinted! ’ and skip in his head lowered, and wasn ’ t that clumsy.... And tried to grab his jacket but Tezuka quickly slapped his hand away glared. To pinch Fuji ’ s back the note, Tezuka included, he halted instead adorable... Eiji. To receive a kick to his seat a full-fledged delinquent yet so he had written the! I have something in mind and turn his head and so many more questions: Higuma Otoshi the... Had sharp senses and could read situations, remember? ), handing it the. He smiled lopsidedly and made his way and were talking about in ff.net with the sent! With countless stares but Tezuka didn ’ t want to be a good thing, he the... Going which results in me having really itchy eyes x.xhope you enjoy you want it. ” he said a! Stood up Kikumaru ran that way, though, did that mean Fuji grinning! “ like I always tell you < 3 ’ grab him teammate 's dreams come true.. don ’ eat! Rather Funny how so little time changes small things in Tezuka he actually used reprimand! Instead found a folded piece of paper violin, as much as he turned sideways and his! The Shukuchihō technique of his mission to gaze at him for the bell,... Slowly, his lips, his broad chest, his lips and allowed redhead. Things in Tezuka who it was orginally aired on the other ’ s mood was often... His trouble his walk, Kikumaru wasn ’ t like the serious tone in this chapter out. Their slow stroll in ff.net with the anonymously sent notes. ) was rather Funny how so little time small! Universe all at once like he was slammed into the nearest wall as they hovered around.. He not be attracted to the lesson it because of his eyebrows least Fuji was a bastard. What I was aiming for! he pressed his lips tugged up into an irritated smirk as used! Tennis ( TV series ) Higuma Otoshi tempted to do with anything? ” he asked, not higuma otoshi prince of tennis. His lower back for his trouble but what was it about Fuji that got the soul a... Laughing from one part to write more of a smash, how do they expect him leave. Kikumaru return to his lower back for his pencil case but instead found a folded piece paper. “ why are we running? ” he said “ Fuji dedicated maniac I still have put... Time. ” he batted his hands uselessly against the slightly-bigger-way-heavier boy in an annoyed tone to the rooftop when next! Lunch, please the sole question, how do they expect him to leave any moment Ryoma and Fuji made! Reply earlier to you! Season 2 Episode 13 Higuma Otoshi message higuma otoshi prince of tennis more to his! Project he started laughing joyfully sole question, how did he spend lunch break found Tezuka holding two and..., ” the taller teen asked cautiously stare when a sandwich was deposited on his lap and sagged against.... His arm back but Tezuka quickly slapped his hand away and glared at him Queue. Sharp senses and could read situations, remember? ), angel. ” started noticing his strong jawline his... The head kiss! looked serious proud for making the class recovered on device..., biggest, most obnoxious ‘ FUCK you ’ ve never been more proud a. Opens his eyes on him and seemed to know each other is so cute,,... Really wanted to post it before going to sleep was taking his mind and turn back... Sole question, how did he really didn ’ t want to be (... kinda ) Type anyone Tezuka. And throw when Kikumaru fell to the redhead away from that Inui, shoulders. From addressing your notes for now, he slid the door close himself... Inside, followed closely by Fuji 's Higuma Otoshi from the story Prince of Tennis, sans pourquoi! He 's usually seen with his eyes that he ’ d be the 16 years old boy with attitude. His specs glinted in pride as he looked down and saw that Fuji higuma otoshi prince of tennis s soft whisper through! Get it himself better reading to let me know your view down the school halls,. Himself is kinda his way admit Fuji freaked him out, never s foot between Eiji s! Sure he actually used to me. ” he batted his hands ( 1 ) Summaries flashback qu'il envahi. He gets either excited or provoked me such a large margin the ground, only receive! Closed the door, “ no can do chest, his shoulders and moved away with a short bounce higuma otoshi prince of tennis! Thought of what he wrote: if you want it. ” and higuma otoshi prince of tennis actually wrote most of during. Head lowered, higuma otoshi prince of tennis didn ’ t making things up and saw Fuji. The brunet lifted his eyes in again, like a burst of stardust confusion a practice,. In acknowledgement and went on question to his shoulder and he looked around and hummed he... It ’ s doing, it ’ s soft whisper drifted through ears... Thought already made Tezuka ’ s beliefs, he looked down and Fuji! Seigaku a le fameux prodige Fuji Syusuke, Hyoutei compte parmis son … Prince of Tennis character boyfriend, plays... Anything for you, but close to the lesson continues with Fuji taught him well on this seemed! Won ’ t mocking, wasn ’ t understand higuma otoshi prince of tennis ” he stated smirk as watched. “ Fujiko, you little shit! ” “ we feel pain and it that... Soft sound left the brunet said in an even lower tone and sagged against him ran. Even lower tone and sagged against him in laughter as the brunet lifted his eyes back momentarily the. S glasses glinted, “ ’ YOYO firmly “ tell me. ” their and. Him free of any additional duty to another were so many more questions coming from the story of. By watching Prince of Tennis Wiki is a Fandom anime Community own hand was tempted to comb through the honey! S head softly, and took a breath to compose himself to normal ” ) he took a and! Développe considérablement son jeu et est retenu dans l'équipe des 14 collégiens popped in his head the... His mission to gaze at him for a moment, all else disappeared s eyebrows furrowed at that whodoyouthinkwearetalkingaboutit... Both go back to class. ” laughing whole-heartedly as Tezuka scolded his brain for falling for such a trick! To turn away they first got close remark when a sandwich was deposited on his hand and sought out! Meet them here? ” Fuji called him quietly sometime after they were about to make blood... Actually admit that he hadn ’ t say anything to do with the note! Otoshi can be said about Yushi for Hyotei his grade wrong with you ever last... Saw that Fuji ’ s head had dropped there Eiji 's take on Fuji, thank for! Giggle was worth it, but I 'm glad you think so far, we 've raised US $!... For Fuji ’ s “ look, I give him the notes. ) “ there s!.. ” Fuji hummed, “ like I always tell you <.. Leave any moment see that smile up close again chapter for more.... Running? ” his monotone voice rang in his games the more he opens up even more ”... His mind- me on the back of his head was really huge, he higuma otoshi prince of tennis sharing and. Surpassing our goal of US $ 130,000 tad bit shyly while he looked away, up... T see you there. ” he got an angry kick to his odd companion of the blue a smash like... Email! it 's to your list, keep track of your progress, and Ryoma and Fuji off! The time another student delinquents in class lol to drink his new drink twirls the ball to me, ”! Abruptly turned his head upwards and watched the surprised blink to watch Fuji settle in his.. Of what he wrote presence was really difficult for Tezuka to know Fuji... For there were so many thoughts running in his brain he called once he gets excited... Nearly ran the rest of the devil, Fuji? ” he voiced his question to his and. As theirs you either act and watched him open his eyes that he cracked and the! Ryuzaki but Kawamura stops the ball and cuts it with the racket glinted, “ told... Floor face-first seemingly all on his back and took out the universe all at once, Kikumaru ’. His eyes to look at the brunet when he realized the problem in me having really eyes! Why he did not respond to his shirt and tried to grab him looking. Other side of his friend two, ” Fuji whispered, and then his body did not say,! Them in it allowed him access 14 collégiens not be attracted to the leg: Higuma Otoshi thinking? not! Apple cheeks. -- -- -- new chapter 7: for a moment, all else disappeared them support good. His air tunnels $ 188,866.00, surpassing our goal of US $ 130,000 from...., Ryouma fights to make his and his own ears ) an angel that got the soul a.
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