VISITORS to Singapore's Orchard Road, the city's main shopping belt, will find fancy malls, trendy department stores, abundant food courts - and a small farm. However, the underbelly of the Singapore that most people see, with its Michelin-starred restaurants and air-conditioned malls, contains a different story: food insecurity is an unfortunate fact of life for several families in the city-state. And even if children do recover from these diseases, their recovery times are often delayed. In California, there would be 470,000 fewer hungry children and in Texas, there would be 460,000 fewer. According to the National Environmental Industry (NEA), food waste is one of the biggest sources of waste in Singapore. They are looking to create a working database of beneficiaries as well as hiring “local food support coordinators” at a few housing estates. Exhibit 2: Food Insecurity Experienced Due to Time Constraints by Age var index_2098=0;var arr_2098=[];arr_2098.push('cont_2098_0');arr_2098.push('cont_2100_0');jQuery('.cont_2100_0').hide();arr_2098.push('cont_2102_0');jQuery('.cont_2102_0').hide(); function HideAll_Except2098(cls){for(var i=0;i
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